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UV Printer

UV Inkjet Printer Mimaki UCJV300-160 Print & Cut


• UCJV300-160 is a roll to roll UV LED Printer.

• Most reliable and high quality 2 in 1 machine which is print and cut function.

• LED UV Print technology instant dry ink enable direct cut and laminating, fast delivery.

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UV Inkjet Printer Mimaki UJV100-160

- Eco-friendly ink.
- Instant dry ink. No drying time required.
- High density & high image quality printing with less graininess
- Suitable for backlit sign indoor and outdoor. (Ex. airport & department stores)
- Capable to print on various media : Vinyl Sticker, PVC, Tarpaulin, Backlit, Synthetic Paper, Soft Sign etc.

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UV Ink Mimaki LU-125 (1000ml)

- Stretches up to 170%. It allows for soft media to print with great beauty and durability. Very suitable for printing to flexible materials such as leather
  and polyurethane.

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