WorldCut 300/150SG/SD Laser Cutter


WorldCut 300/150SG/SD Laser Cutter

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  • Advancing intelligent controlling system
  • Remote controller
  • Anti-collision following cutting system
  • High-efficiency exhausted system
  • Imported high precision ball screw driving system
  • Japanese imported server system
  • Chinese tube or imported laser tube

1000A1530 os WorldCut brand new fiber machine. The machine is compatible with the excellent design of the machine body structure from WorldCut Co2 series laser machine and combined with the technologies suitable for the fiber machine to run a high-speed performance. Based on those technologies, WorldCut develops and produces the fiber machine with new technology. The machine is specialized in cutting thin metal with high cutting precision, reliable performance and saving cost. The machine can meet the needs of metal cutting for the sign client.

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