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Mimaki – CG-FXII Series Roll to Roll Cutting Plotter


  • Fungsi ID Cut yang disediakan dengan produk kami menjadikan proses penjimatan tenaga kerja dan operasi pencetakan & pemotongan yang cekap mungkin
  • Pengesanan tanda tanaman berkelajuan tinggi
  • Pengambilan media yang tepat memastikan pemotongan kontur yang tepat pada cetakan yang lebih panjang
  • Mekanisme ''HALF

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Solvent Ink Mimaki  CS100 2L

- The series of CS ink of 2L bottle type are more affordable than conventional cartridge, which have exceptional stability and low propensity to clog nozzles.
- The CS ink also brings the same high Mimaki standards for color accuracy, image durabilty and weatherability found in other conventional Mimaki solvent inks.

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UV Inkjet Printer Mimaki SIJ-320UV 3.2M

Unleash your creativity with a staggering maximum printable width of 3.2 meters. The MIMAKI SIJ-320UV 3.2M Wide Format UV Printer opens up expansive possibilities, allowing you to bring your grand ideas to life on an unprecedented scale.

Revolutionize your workflow with the capability to mount two media rolls concurrently.

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UV Inkjet Large Format Flatbed Printer Mimaki JFX200-2513 Ex

Introducing our cutting-edge Large Format UV Flatbed Printer – the powerhouse for unparalleled printing versatility and precision. Experience a revolution in visual innovation as this advanced printer delivers breathtaking, high-resolution prints on a wide range of materials. With its UV technology, enjoy faster curing times and durable, scratch-resistant output.

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Eco Solvent Inkjet Printer Mimaki SWJ-320 EA  3.2M

Introducing our state-of-the-art Wide Format Eco-Solvent Printer – a game-changer in the world of printing technology. Engineered for precision and eco-friendly performance, this printer is your gateway to unparalleled quality and efficiency. The Mimaki SWJ-320EA solvent printer is a revolutionary 3.

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Eco-solvent Inkjet Printer Mimaki JV100-160
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UV Ink Mimaki LUS-120 (1000ml)
MIMAKI LUS120 (1000ML)
  Jenama  MIMAKI Barang UV INK Warna C, M, Y, K, WH, Clear Ukuran 22cm x 9cm Kapacity 1000ml Berat barang 1kg Model sokongan  UJF3042 Series / UJF6042 MKII Series
UV Ink Mimaki Primer PR-200

- The PR-200 primer enhances the ink adhesion.
- Primer can be applied to the required areas by ink-jetting.
- Retains the texture of the material, which is not possible with manual primer application.
- The PR-200 can be used on resin, glass and metal materials without affecting their texture.

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UV Ink Mimaki  LH100 (600ml)

- Smooth gradation in six color printing (CMYK+LcLm) while reducing granular appearance. 
- Hard ink suitable for hard material.
- Anti-scratch
- Good scratch and solvent resistance.
- Suitable to print widely on a smartphone case, key holder and wooden blocks etc. due to the strong scratch fastness.

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UV Ink Mimaki LF-140 (600ml)

Smooth gradation in six color printing (CMYK+LcLm) while reducing granular appearance.
This ink is more flexible than LH-100, making it less likely to crack during post-processing.

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MIMAKI SPC-0516FS F-200 Cleaning Cartridge (440ml) - F-200 Washing Liquid cartridge

MIMAKI SPC-0516FS F-200 Cleaning Cartridge (440ml)
   Brand  MIMAKI  Item  SPC-0516FS Cleaning cartridge  Capacity  440ml  Size  26cm x 10cm x 3cm  Weight  0.

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Eco-solvent Inkjet Printer Mimaki JV330-160/130

- Realization of sign graphics with high image quality and definition
- Solution for job requiring quick delivery with the high printing speed
- "XY slitter" capable of reducing post-process work by X-axis & Y-axis sheet-fed cutting
- "Media changer" to which Max.

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Mimaki SPC-0568 UV Cleaning Solution (100ml) - F-200/LF-200 Washing Liquid
MIMAKI SPC-0568 UV Cleaning solution (100ml)
  Jenama MIMAKI Barang SPC-0568 UV Cleanig solution Warna None Ukuran 9cm x 5cm Kapacity 100ml Berat barang 0.1kg Model sokongan JFX200-2513EX, JFX200x2513, SIJ-320UV, UCJV300 series, UJF-6042MKII series
Mimaki SPC-0294 Solvent Cleaning Solution (220ml) - MILD SOLVENT WASHING LIQUID cartridge
MIMAKI SPC-0294 Cleaning cartridge (220ml)   Brand MIMAKI Item SPC-0294 Cleaning cartridge Color none Size 26cm x 10cm x 3cm Capacity 220ml Weight 0.2kg Support Model CJV30 series, CJV150 series, CJV300 series
UV Primer GM-1 (Mimaki SPC-0541)

Original Mimaki SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 500ml Container.

This is genuine original Mimaki SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 (500ml container) for manual Pre-treatment of Glass and Metal before printing with Mimaki UV Curable Inks and Printer series.

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Solvent Ink Mimaki BS3 2L

MIMAKI BS3 600ml Ink Cartridge / 2000ml Ink Pack
  Jenama MIMAKI Barang Solvent Ink Warna C, M, Y, K Ukuran 57cm x 12cm x 6cm 33cm x 23cm x 15cm Kapacity 600ml 2000ml Berat 0.

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