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UV Primer GM-1 (Mimaki SPC-0541)
UV Primer GM-1 (Mimaki SPC-0541)


UV Primer GM-1 (Mimaki SPC-0541)

Original Mimaki SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 500ml Container.

This is genuine original Mimaki SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 (500ml container) for manual Pre-treatment of Glass and Metal before printing with Mimaki UV Curable Inks and Printer series. By applying SPC-0541 UV Primer GM-1 with a foam roller to the Glass or Metal surface prior to printing you will make the UV ink adhere more securely for better longevity, less scratching or flaking and a better all round finish.

UV Primer GM-1
PN SPC-0541
Volume 500ml
Supported model
Remarks For metal and glass

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